Attractions: Hualien Cultural and Creative Industry Park a-zone

Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park A Zone

1 minute walk from the hotel
Hualien cultural and creative industries park is located in the center of Hualien city. The historic settlements build in 100 years ago have 3.3 hectares, including 26 old factory warehouses. It will be opened in three years (2012-2015) successively and apply exhibition, performance, dining, featured products, educational lecture, travel information, etc. Expected shape a cultural and creative vitality and contemporary life-style by artistic activities and commercial services. a-zone also is the best tourist region in East.

Attractions: General

General Hall

5 minutes walk from the hotel
During the Japanese occupation period, the Japanese military officer's dormitory was a historical building and was a historic site in Hualien County. Located on the banks of the Meilun River, it is ideal for taking pictures with the atmosphere of the old houses in the nearby lanes.

Attractions: Pine Garden Annex

Pine Garden (Military Control Center)

8 minutes by car from the hotel
With more than 60 pine trees, each is almost a hundred years old. The Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau has designated the Pine Garden as the Museum of Poetry, where the Pacific Poetry Festival is held each year. From the magnificent mountains, vast Pacific Ocean, the Meilun River meandering through the feet of mountains, the garden’s century old pines, the beauty of these surrounding nature are worthy to be sung, fully revealing the rich cultural ambience of Hualien.

Attractions: Qixingtan


20 minutes from the hotel
Today's Qixingtan is now a quite well-known Hualien attraction for viewing the sea, and is also Hualien County's only county-level scenic area. Bike paths run through the area, and along them you can enjoy the coastal scenery, seaside plants, and the ecology of fisheries. If the time you come here happens to be just when you can see the fishing boats coming back fully laden with the day's catch, there will be many people who have specially come out here in the afternoon to wait for the boats to come ashore.

Attractions: Farglory Ocean Park

Farglory Ocean Park

20 minutes from the hotel
Situated in Hualien County, the Hualien Ocean Park is only 10 kilometers away from Hualien City. The park is Hualien's biggest man-made tourist attraction, and Taiwan's first theme park focusing on marine ecology. Hualien Ocean Park features eight zones that introduce different aspects of ocean and marine life. From thrilling water rides, bumper boats, dolphin shows to roller coasters, everyone can have fun in this amusement park. Moreover, visitors will be astonished by dolphin and seal's amazing acrobatic abilities in the marina shows.

Attractions: Old railway culture business district

Old Railway Cultural Park

3 minutes walk from the hotel
Historic buildings such as the Railway Department Hualien Harbor Branch Office, the former Hualien Public Works Office and the former Hualien Police Station are preserved in the Old Railway Cultural Park to enhance the integrity of the old eastern rails. Plans for restoring the fountain in front of the old railway station and railway corridors, are supported by agencies such as the Hualien County Government, Hualien City Office and the Railways Administration. Regular exhibitions, seminars and cultural events are organized, lending uniqueness to the recreational scene of Hualien City.

Attractions: Pacific Landscape Park

Pacific Landscape Park

7 minutes from the hotel
The Hualien Pacific Landscape Park is located along the coastline of downtown Hualien City near Dongdamen Tourist Night Market. The park is the combination of the former Nanbin Park and Beibin Park, offering area for extreme sports and volleyball court for free, as well as the largest 3D painting in Taiwan.

Attractions: East Gate Night Market

East Gate Night Market

9 minutes walk from the hotel
Hualien Dongdamen Night Market is divided into 4 divisions: Futing Night Market, Streets of China Cuisines, Streets of Aboriginal Cuisines, and Zhiqiang Night Market. Its a great night market, its so clean and big. Theres so much to eat in this nightmarket. There are also tables for you to sit and eat or take a rest.

Attractions: Dais Wonton

Dais Wonton

1 minutes walk from the hotel
Hualien's famous wonton soup shop, in addition to Yi Xiang wonton shop, well-known is Dais wonton. Nowadays, fresh ingredients have been brewed for decades, conquering the taste buds from all over the world.

Attractions: Gong Zheng Bao Zi & Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings

Gong Zheng Bao Zi & Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings

8 minutes walk from the hotel
The two stores next to each other, the things sold are roughly the same, but the tastes are different. Xiaolongbao and steamed dumplings are cheap and good, and they are the food that Hualien must eat.

Attractions: Hai Pu Oyster Omelet

Hai Pu Oyster Omelet

5~10 minutes walk from the hotel
The plump and fresh clams are not seen by the eyes. It’s really hard to believe that the crowds are so crowded.

Attractions: Miko Kou Red Tea

Miko Kou Red Tea

5 minutes walk from the hotel
The store has a history of 50 years, the opposite is Chenghuang Template. Miko Kou Red Tea Specializing in traditional style tea. And the other traditional dishes such as the Taiwanese Macalon, and cookies.

Attractions: Ming Guo road food street

Ming Guo Road Food Street

3 minutes walk from the hotel
The whole road is a special and delicious food, and all kinds of snack drinks are the first-class food street of Hualien.

Attractions: Youyitsun Cultural and Creative Park

Youyitsun Cultural and Creative Park

5 minutes walk from the hotel
Strong nostalgic style of military dependents' village, stationed in various gourmet restaurants and desserts.

Attractions: Hualien Harbor

Hualien Harbor

16 minutes from the hotel
The Shangri Plaza within the harbor area is a newly constructed tourist attraction. With the immediately adjacent Pacific Ocean, whale watching wharf, Hualien Fish Market and Hualien District Fishermen’s Association, the architecture presents a south European style with a Pacific and prairie backdrop; it is indeed a rare beauty.