Welcome to the

Wountain Hotel《Hi! Mountain. Hi! Wountain.》

Relax your mind, free your heart. Let them have a rest in the Wountain Hotel.
Listen to the whispers from the natures, watch the changes of Hualien City.

The story of Wountain Hotel begins from the Sefu Hotel in year 1994.
The traffic in Hualien during that time was really bad, travelers must stay overnight in Hualien.
Sefu Hotel located in the downtown of Hualien City, it was the top recommended stays for the travelers that time.

We always hold to a concept which is provide the warmest place to the travelers to stay over.
"Even if there's only one room left and one customer, we insist to provide them the warmest service which makes them feel like they're staying in their home. Comfortable place which makes you feels relieved."

In 2018, with a new look "Wountain Hotel" continues to travel with the travellers, providing accommodation for travelers with a bumper micro-travel.

In year 2018, we restart our warmest stay "Wountain Hotel" with the brand new faces and design. We continue to form ties with the travelers.

Keep the best scenery of Hualien in your memories, leave your footprints in the Wountain Hotel.
We're looking forward to your visits to the Wountain Hotel, let's say "Hi! Mountain. Hi! Wountain." together.